LBTKD Instructors Course 2018

Saturday 7th July I attended LBTKD Instructors training course. This was my first time attending this course so I didn’t know what to expect. 

This wasn’t like a normal course with pens and paper. The day was fun, informative, interactive and gave me an opportunity to develop my confidence standing up in front of a class. 
We covered lots of topics including: 
Commands- using the correct Korean and when to use it. 
Voice- learning to find the balance between too quiet and too loud.
Body Positioning- for example how to teach a class 4 directional punch where every student can see what your are doing.
We were split into groups by level of experience and worked through teaching techniques, set sparring and patterns.
Although we were being assessed at the end of the course, we had plenty of opportunities to practice so this made the assessment more enjoyable. 
We received good feedback and I am looking forward to the next course.
Mr E Lacey
1st Degree