LBTKD Interclub 2014

Over 120 competitors from LBTKD and other local clubs came together on Sunday 22nd June for the LBTKD inter-club competition.  The day began at 10:00 with the Little Dragons (4-8 years old) performing 30-second demonstrations of techniques and patterns.   All the participants gave energetic displays and performed very well in front of a large audience of parents and competitors.   The judges – junior black belts with plenty of competitive experience themselves – were very impressed by the enthusiasm and range of techniques from our youngest students. 

Master Horan led a short demonstration after awarding participation and winners’ medals to the Little Dragons.  Black belt students, including members of the squad selected for the World Championships in Rome, performed patterns, sparring and board breaks for the entertainment of the audience.  Master Horan rounded off the demonstration by performing some spectacular breaking techniques and the 24th and final pattern Tong-Il, showing what can be achieved by continuing the journey of Tae Kwon-Do.

Next on the agenda of a packed day of action was the cadet (age 8-13) patterns and sparring.   Strong performances in all categories kept the officials on their toes, with narrow margins separating competitors in many of the divisions.   The cadets were followed onto the mats by the junior competitors (14-17), who entertained the audience with some exciting displays and again demonstrated the level of talent that has developed in recent years.   The audience encouraged all the competitors equally in the supportive spirit that is part of LBTKD, reminding us all that taking part is a victory in itself.

The adult and senior divisions rounded off the patterns and sparring competitions.  The competition featured an excellent representation from both adult and senior divisions, ensuring competitive and absorbing contests throughout.   High standards of technique were once again on display throughout, an example to all students young and old.

As the day drew to a close, the “matched opponent” competition concluded the day’s action.  Each entrant was paired off against an opponent of similar category to spar for three three-minute rounds.  A departure from standard ITF rules, the longer contests forced the participants to stretch their fitness and tactical abilities to be declared the winner.

As always with the inter-club competitions every contest took place in a competitive yet sporting atmosphere – facilitated by high quality officiating – and was enjoyed by all.   Special recognition goes to those involved in preparing and serving food and drinks, whose efforts not only helped support the day’s fundraising target but also kept the officials well fuelled.  Our thanks also to the senior grades officiating at the top table, who worked throughout the day to ensure the competition on the mats ran smoothly.

Thank you to all involved in a successful and enjoyable day, and we hope to see everyone again at the next competition.

By Greg Rose II Dan